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Study: Women likely to lie about money
"Don't worry, baby! I got all this for $50 so it's a bargain." (Thinkstock)

Study: Women likely to lie about money

Simon West, MSN NZ

Men, if you're worried your partner might be cheating, you might want to take your focus off the bedroom and place it on her purse (or brand new handbag). A new survey has found that a large percentage of women lie to their men about their spending habits.

A poll conducted by and gathered the thoughts of 23,000 people regarding their expenditure. The results didn't paint a flattering picture of ladies — they're nearly twice as likely to lie about money in a relationship than men.

Interestingly, nearly two-thirds of the poll's participants regarded financial fidelity to be as important as sexual fidelity, however, 56 per cent of women admitted to lying about money when in a relationship. Only 37 per cent of blokes admitted to doing the same.

Women being women, the lies came in a variety of creative forms. A quarter of them said they had pretended that a new purchase was actually something old or justified an expensive new item by telling their partner it was on sale.

The survey also found that women comprehensively topped men when it came to hiding purchases or receipts.

So why lie? Isn't someone's money theirs to spend?

About one-third of women used the above reason when asked why they either lie or keep money-spending secrets. Another third of respondents said they fight with their partner about what to spend money on, so it's simply easier to lie.

While much of the study's findings may be no major surprise, spare a thought for the fact one party actually needs to tell tales to keep the peace. If lying, manipulating and concealing are key behaviours needed to keep a relationship working, it's probably one best abandoned.

Do you lie about money and your spending to your partner? Have your say below

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User comments
with the above two comments. I might spend more money on clothes, getting my hair done etc, but I also make more money and have more savings. Although I enjoy shopping and treats I feel good about saving for travel and long term goals. We both manage our budget and expenses. I'm the one in the relationship with a credit card because my (male) partner admits it's better if he avoids having one available to him. We both contribute, both have our own spending, I'm also more organised so manage bills etc.
- If these Chicks are fun to be around - whats the problem ? - If these Chicks help pay the rent etc - its all Good
Unlike the chicks above, my partner is a money waster, he'd rather upgrade his remote helicopter while I stress about paying our insurances. He goes out and buys a bulldog meanwhile I have to find money for the vaccinations, registration and its food. I exaggerate costs so we have money for emergencies. If he knew about the account he'd only access it and *** it on alcohol or worse a deposit on a car we don't need . so I think most woman's reason to lie about the quantity of money is valid!!
What utter rubbish. Haven't read such sexist *** in a long time.