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Bolt at ease giving tips to sprinters

21:13 Mon Oct 8 2012

He faced down a haka, a basketball hoop and the media in a few hours, but Usain Bolt looked happiest giving tips to young sprinters.

The Olympic sprint champion spent Monday in Auckland to promote a sports drink, being welcomed with a powhiri at Frucor Beverages' offices in Manukau before shooting some hoops with the New Zealand Breakers.

He then spoke to media about his desire for a "threepeat" of his Olympic 100m and 200m titles in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, his love of cricket, and how it's a misconception to think that he's cocky.

"I guess it's because of the fact I do what I do on the track means people think I'm a little bit arrogant, but that's just for the fans. I continue doing it for the fans because they're the ones that build us and make us who we are."

Bolt looked relaxed sitting at the table in front of reporters, telling of his love of cricket and his hope of running 100m under 9.5 seconds.

After his media conference, it was into the running gear to help eight of New Zealand's best young sprinters at the Millennium Institute high performance centre on the North Shore.

He gave advice to the runners on how to move their arms and get away from the starting blocks.

"I thought he would be good but he was really friendly, he was good to be around. He's funny as well," said 13-year-old Scott Burfoot of Silverdale, north of Auckland.

"He's like my idol, and I'll remember this day forever."

Earlier, Bolt told a gathering at the Breakers' training facility that he was better at dunking than outside shooting and quickly proved himself right after missing several free throws before landing his first.

He said the powhiri "gave me chills".

"The energy they had for me was wonderful. I would like to do something like that."